All-ages experimental drawing workshops as public events and visiting-artist talks within educational institutions. Inquire with ideas for making part of larger events, campaigns, shows, classes...let's figure out what will work best! All-ages is toddlers, adolescents, teens, adults, elderly; anyone will find value in these collaborative art-concepts.















Houghton College, March 2016: Reportage drawing on church steps.

University of Rochester, Feb. 2015: Visiting artist talk and excercises

University of Rochester, Feb. 2015: "Make a mark, guess who did which."

HOPE Play, 2012-2014, Austin, TX: Weekly farmer's market space.

HOPE Play, 2012-2014, Austin, TX: "Draw what you see and hang it up."

Vote Play, Winter 2016, Roc. NY: Issues drawn for future president.