Parcel 5 Community Programmers

Hey Rochesterians,

Interested in demonstrating what a "City of the Arts" looks like at #OurParcel5 ?

Parcel 5 Community Programmers (P5CP) is a growing alliance of city residents, entrepreneurs, neighborhood leaders, and workers that are collectively producing arts and culture in the heart of downtown.

P5CP will leverage People for Parcel 5 to individually pool $5 each; funding a monthly arts event at Parcel 5 >>> Demonstrating what we want for Midtown and how we want it: Publically accessible ROC arts that are diversely curated and supported by an array of citizens.

We'll collectively choose local artists, musicians, performers, and any Rochester based arts and culture workers interested in further placemaking Parcel 5.

Are you up for this? Take part with a $5 monthly PayPal which will go directly to the artists that month.

The inaugural P5CP event will take place on Earth Day: Sunday April 22nd from 3pm-5pm

It will be featuring Claude Benningtons Fever Dream an emerging group of artists combining jazz, rap, and surreal narratives.

Ryder Eaton - bass
Matt Bent - drums
Phil Lewalle - keys
Gary Lamaar - rhymes
Moses Rockwell - rhymes

Our goal is 50 programmer's each month. ( 50 x 5 = $250 for that month's ROC artists )

An individual/business/group's $5 investment allows for one vote in the month-to-follow's programming.

Sunday May 20th

Sunday June 17th

Sunday July 15th

Sunday August 12th

Sunday September 9th

Sunday October 7th

The group will run-off a ranked-choice vote to select the artists performing each month's event/happening >>> Musical production? dance work? one-act play? stand-up comedy sets? arts/improv workshop? poetry readings? interactive demonstrations? group kite flying???....whatevever art/socially based event, with an emphasis on it being spacially-aware/playing-off of Parcel 5 and it's unique, downtown-hub, people-passing-by elements,, ,

Monthly art and culture workers will be collectively-underwritten by us to do what they do and be paid for it. ( Showing the city what we want to see a Parcel 5 Commons become. Not top-down, behind-closed-doors, same-few developers/billionaires decisions, but bottom-up, grassroots, creatively-funded: we make our own city! ) A coalition of people funding Rochester arts. A program that is made "free and open to the public" by engaged citizen producers.

>>>Take part with a $5 PayPal for next month: Claude Bennington's Fever Dream, Sunday April 22nd 3pm-5pm

You can cancel the "subscription" installments if it becomes no longer for you.

A big part of this is the diversity model of our funding ROC arts and cultural production through broadly supported, diversely curated, incremental growth. Leading up to each month's programming will be a publically distributed list of participating citizen-underwriters. ( See example for April in attached image. ) No one will be funding at a higher level. It's capped at $5 so many folks can participate, and many need to particpate to pay our arts and culture workers a living wage.::: THIS WILL BE OUR CLAIM TO STRENGTH! URBAN DEMOCRACY IN ACTION :::. a powerful metaphor/model for how we want the city to be shaped as a whole. Engagement. Participation. Action!

Transparency of funding and access to decision making is a major theme here. As we get this going, I hope your trust in me personally allows you to participate in confidence.

Email with any questions, thoughts, concerns. Many #Parcel5 folks will be at our Monthly Speak to City Council on Tuesday May 15th, 6:30PM at City Hall ::: Join, support, and if compelled, sign-up to speak! (585) 428-7421

Salubrity and Action,

Ray Ray Mitrano